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Giulio Rincione

Giulio Rincione is an illustrator, painter and cartoonist from Palermo.

During his career he collaborated with mains international publisher (Disney, Marvel, Sergio Bonelli Editore)

Rincione’s art has been showed in several exhibitions:
– 2016 Museo del Fumetto in Cosenza, large painting during the event Le strade del paesaggio. “Andrea Pazienza” award for best designer.
– 2016 A solo exhibition was organized during the international event of Etna Comics.
– Since 2018 he has exhibited several original works in the prestigious art gallery “Cart Gallery” in Rome.
– 2019 Exhibition with his original plates taken from Dylan Dog: Mr Punch .
– 2021 Creation of a large painting for Lucca Comics and Games during the Ignoto Milite commemoration.
– 2022 Personal exhibition during Palermo Comic Convention

The Tallone Press

The Tallone Press is one of the oldest and most prestigious in the world. In three centuries of activity, the Press has gone through eleven generations of printers and several relocations (Dijon, Épinay-sur-Seine, Châtenay-Malabry, Paris, and Alpignano).

The collection of original foundry types in use at the Press is one of the most comprehensive in the world, and it includes original typefaces from the 17th century onwards.

Numbered and limited, Tallone books are coveted collectibles. Each is letterpress-printed to a new typographic design, thus creating a unique “book-diversity”. The complete series of the Press’s books is housed at a number of major libraries and private collections, in Italy and abroad

De Stefanis Bindery

The De Stefanis Bindery of Massimo and Marcello De Stefanis is the direct continuation of the Bindery Giovanni De Stefanis, who has gained his great professional experience thanks to the teachings of the master bookbinder Mario Santagostino Sandri.

Founded in 1957 in Milan, the Bindery Giovanni De Stefanis has had the opportunity to relate to a multitude of work situations, ranging from large publishing houses to small artistic presses; from public libraries to antiquarian bookshops; from bibliophiles to collectors.

Since 1994, with the takeover of Massimo and Marcello, the activity of bookbinding has focused on the preservation and conservation of the book, favoring binding “in style” and restoration, in compliance with the current regulations on the conservation of cultural heritage on the use of techniques and materials. Over the years the De Stefanis Bindery has performed several thousand works for a variety of public and private commissions.

The Bindery also works for artistic publishing and numerous private collectors.

Giovanni Fascetti

Giovanni Fascetti, Honorary Citizen of the City of Vicopisano, received in 2019 the Pegasus Award of the Region of Tuscany for the promotion of the culture of the territory, in particular of the City of Vicopisano, graduated with honors from the Faculty of Lettere of the University of Pisa with a thesis on History of Urbanism entitled The Settlements of Monte Pisano, history of the territory, has the Chair of Italian and History at the Institute of Higher Education Galileo Galilei – Antonio Pacinotti in Pisa. He taught as a contract professor of Economics of Culture, Marketing Places, Archaeology and Art History at the European School of Economics. He has collaborated with the Vanderbilt University as a teacher for the summer internships of this university in Italy. He was a researcher in Environmental Economics at the University
of Verona. From 1998 to 2003 he was a lecturer at the Department of History of Arts at the University of Pisa.
Since 1998 he has directed the monumental complex of the Rocca del Brunelleschi (sec. XV); since 2004 promotes the monumental complex of the Temple of Minerva Medica in Montefoscoli (sec. XIX) and since 2008 he has been involved in the promotion, study and protection of
the Church of S. Sepolcro in Pisa (sec. XII).
Since 1980 he has worked as a volunteer in excavations and research in collaboration with the University of Pisa and the Archaeological Superintendence of Tuscany. He dug in prehistoric, Etruscan, Roman, medieval, and modern contexts.
Since 1980 he has taught courses, lectures, lectures on art history, urban history, archaeology, history of gastronomy, in public and private schools of all kinds and degree, University of the Elderly, Italian and foreign cultural associations.
He is the author of over thirty publications, and over the years he has organized and curated various exhibitions and conferences.