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Memoirs of a puppet

(Nightmares Inspired by Pinocchio)

Memoirs of a Puppet is a collection of 50 illustrations inspired by the darker aspects of the story of the puppet we all came to know and love. Each illustration is accompanied by the quote from the ORIGINAL TEXT by Collodi it was inspired by: the quotes are taken by the original text, which is an Italian still very much close to a Tuscan dialect, Collodi’s original language. All the other parts of the book, such as the introduction, the colophon and the limitation page are in English.

We didn’t feel like translating the quotes because we realised the text lost a lot of its power, which was the main source of inspiration for each piece, when translated, and we thought about this work as an emotional experience rather than an intellectual one.

The illustrations are all original pieces for this edition, and were created by the talented GIULIO RINCIONE, an well-known Italian painter, illustrator and comic book writer who likes to delve into the most raw and distressing aspects of the human soul but managing to maintain a lightness and a grace that are almost unsettling.

The introduction is by Professor GIOVANNI RANIERI FASCETTI, eminent scholar, writer and that for about 20 years has done public readings of the story of Pinocchio according to its esoteric interpretation.

All the materials used for this work, as well as all the artisans, artists and contributors are 100% Italian

The “Sublime” Lettered Edition

The Sublime Edition measures 18 x 29 cm and is limited to 26 copies, each one lettered from A to Z. It is a full Tuscan calf binding crafted by master bookbinders Massimo and Marcello De Stefanis in Milan, with an ORIGINAL blind-tooled wraparound illustration by Giulio Rincione.

The calf leather is 100% naturally tanned, and it was hand-dyed to resemble wood.

The endpapers are made of an extremely thin layer of actual wood, so each leaf presents unique features.

The edition is printed letterpress on 160 gr handmade Magnani Pescia paper by the Tallone Press, one of the most prestigious in the world, in Alpignano, using original foundry types, which are hand-shaped fonts engraved by great artists that give the letterpress printing a unique appeal.
It features 50 full-color illustrations by Giulio Rincione, and each copy will have an original illustration by the artist bound before the limitation page at the end of the book.
To ensure the safety of this fully hand crafted edition, we housed it in a handmade clamshell case also designed in the De Stefanis Bindery, covered in an Italian rustic cloth with a leather label to the spine. The case was made especially sturdy, with a special support to the spine to carry the weight of the book and to be as durable as possible.

Regular price: 3.500€

Estimated shipping date: Q2/Q3 2024

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The “Butterfly” Numbered Edition

The Butterfly Edition measures 16 x 23 cm and is limited to 150 copies, each one hand numbered.
It is bound in a handmade cardboard hardback binding covered in 130 gr Oldmill Fedrigoni
featuring a full-color wraparound illustration by Giulio Rincione.
The text is printed offset and the illustrations are high-quality digitally printed on 130 gr Oldimill
Fedrigoni paper by the Tipografia Morganti in Milan, and features 50 full-color illustrations by
Giulio Rincione.

It is housed in a raw hemp-covered slipcase, handmade.

Regular price: 295€

Estimated shipping date: Q2/Q3 2024

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